5.1. Appraisal process

Those applications which do not satisfy the eligibility criteria may not be assessed.

Based on the information provided, the assessment committee will undertake an evaluation of eligible applications against the appraisal criteria outlined below. The assessment committee will consist of officers from the Department. Subject to the conflict of interest criteria outlined (Item 3.1), a member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Advisory Group may be consulted during the appraisal process.

5.2. Appraisal criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria to determine value with public money:
  • Mandatory Criteria are the criteria that an application must satisfy in order to be considered for funding. Mandatory Criteria often involve the use of expressions such as 'must', 'must not', 'will' or 'will not (e.g Unincorporated Associations).

  • Assessment Criteria are the criteria against which all eligible, compliant applications will be assessed in order to determine their merits against the program objectives and , for competitive programs, other competing applications.
An outline of assessment criteria is provided in the Invitation to Apply.

For short listed applications, value with public money will be determined based on the following:
  • Applicant's past performance on comparable projects
  • whether the project objectives align with the objects of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander component of the Supporting Communities to Reduce the Risk of Suicide initiative
  • risks associated with funding the project and
  • project costs. Top of page