6.1. Approval of funding

Following an appraisal of applications by the assessment committee, advice will be provided to the Funding Approver, the Assistant Secretary, Mental Health Early Intervention and Prevention Branch, on the merits of the applications.

The Funding Approver will consider whether the proposal will make an efficient, effective and ethical use of Commonwealth resources, as required by Commonwealth legislation, and whether any specific requirements will need to be imposed as a condition of funding.

The list of recommended projects to be funded under the initiative will be forwarded to the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing for policy approval.

Following policy approval, the Funding Approver will exercise their delegation to commence negotiations with successful applicants.

6.2. Advice to applicants

Applicants will be advised by letter of the outcome of their application. Letters to successful applicants will contain details of any specific conditions attached to the funding. Funding approvals will also be listed on the Department's website.

The Department will notify all unsuccessful applicants, in writing, following execution of funding agreements with successful applicants including an offer of feedback on their application.

6.3. Complaint handling

The Department of Health and Ageing's Procurement and Funding Complaints Handling Policy applies to complaints that arise in relation to a procurement or funding process. It covers events that occur between the time the request documentation is released and the date of contract execution, regardless of when the actual complaint is made. DoHA requires that all complaints relating to a procurement or funding process must be lodged in writing. Further details of the policy are available 'About Us' page on the Department's internet site (www.health.gov.au)

Any enquiries relating to funding decisions for this Program, should be directed to:

Suicide Prevention Section
Mental Health Early Intervention and Prevention Branch
Phone: (02) 6289 2574
Fax: (02) 6289 7680
Email: Communities at risk at communitiesatrisk@health.gov.au
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