The Participant agrees not to disclose to any person other than the Commonwealth any Confidential Information relating to this Agreement or the Project without prior approval in writing from the Commonwealth.


The Commonwealth may impose any conditions it considers appropriate when giving its approval under clause 22.1 and the Participant agrees to comply with those conditions.


The Commonwealth may at any time by notice in writing to the Participant, require the Participant to give, and to arrange for the Participant Personnel to give, written undertakings, in a form required by the Commonwealth, relating to the non-disclosure of Confidential Information.


If the Participant receives a request under clause 22.3, it agrees to promptly arrange for all such undertakings to be given.


The obligations on the Participant under this clause will not be taken to have been breached where the information referred to is required by Law to be disclosed.


The Commonwealth gives no undertaking to treat Participant information, or this Agreement, as confidential. The Participant acknowledges that the Commonwealth may disclose information relevant to this Agreement, or this Agreement itself, to any person:
  1. to the extent required by Law or by a lawful requirement of any government or governmental body, authority or agency

  2. if required in connection with legal proceedings

  3. for public accountability reasons, including disclosure on request to other Government Agencies, and a request for information by Parliament or a Parliamentary Committee or a Commonwealth Minister or

  4. for any other requirement of the Commonwealth.


The obligations contained in this clause are in addition to those specified in clause 23 and will survive the expiration or early termination of this Agreement.
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