Text equivalent below for Grant program process flowchart for Supporting Communities to Reduce the Risk of Suicide (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander component)
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Text version of diagram

The flow chart consists of the following steps:
  1. Application - applicant completes application.
  2. Submit an application - applicant submits an application.
  3. Appraisal - the application is accepted. The application is assessed against eligibility and appraisal criteria.
  4. Advice to approver - advice provided to the *Approver on the merits of each application against the program guidelines. (*Fma Reg 3 defines "approver" as a Minister, a Chief Executive or a person authorised to approve proposals to spend public money.)
  5. Decision/ notification - the approver makes a decision on the application and the applicant is advised of the decision.
  6. Funding - An agreement is negotiated and signed by the applicant and the department.
  7. Do/ complete/ acquit - applicant undertakes funding activity, completes milestones, provides reports and acquits funds against expenditure. Department makes payment and monitors progress.
  8. Evaluation - department evaluates the outcomes of the program. Applicant provides information to assist this evaluation.
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