Incoming Government Briefing - Volume 2 - Election Commitments

E8.1 Expenditure: Increased Funding for GP Super Clinics

Page last updated: 10 August 2010

Affected Agencies: Department of Health and Ageing

Affected Outcome(s): 5: Primary Care

2010-11 ($m)2011-12 ($m)2012-13 ($m)2013-14 ($m)4 year total ($4m)2014-15 ($m)
Election Commitment-5.0-10.0---15.0-
DoFD costing (Fiscal Balance)
DHA Administered-5.0-10.00---15.0-
DHA Departmental------
Note: Please refer to Overview of the Budget Process Brief for information on departmental funding.

Description of Election Commitment

The Government announced an additional $15 million dollars under the 2010-11 GP Super Clinics Budget Measure. This, combined with the 2010-11 Budget allocation of up to $233 million, will fund the total of29 GP Super Clinics announced by the ALP during the 2010 election campaign.


Election commitment under the Charter of Budget Honesty Act available at

Supporting Information

The Government has announced election commitments for 29 new GP Super Clinics (listed on the following page), totalling up to $247 million. The Government has identified that 26 of the new GP Super Clinic sites will be funded under the 2010-11 GP Super Clinics Budget Measure. This proposal provides $15 million of funding, sufficient for the additional three GP Super Clinics.
Funding ($m)
1. ACT up to 15
2. NSW - Blacktownup to 15
3. NSW - Broken Hillup to 7
4. NSW - Coffs Harbourup to 7
5. NSW - Jindabyneup to 5
6. NSW - Lismoreup to 7
7. NSW Liverpoolup to 15
8. NSW - Nowra up to 7
9. NSW - Port Macquarieup to 7
10. NSW - Raymond Terrace up to 7
11. NSW - Sth Central Coast up to 7
12. NSW - Tweed Headsup to 7
13. NT - Darwinup to 5
14. QLD - Caboolture up to 15
15. QLD - Emerald up to 5
16. QLD - Gold Coastup to 7
17. QLD - Mackayup to 7
18. QLD - Redc1iffe up to 5
19. QLD - Sunshine Coastup to 15
20. QLD - Townsvilleup to 5
21. QLD - Wynnumup to 15
22. SA - Adelaideup to 15
23. SA - Mt Barkerup to 7
24. VIC - Broadmeadows/Hume up to 7
25. VIC - Cobram up to 1
26. VIC - West Melbourneup to 15
27. WA - Karratha/West Pilbaraup to 7
28. WA - Northamup to 3
29. WA - Rockingham up to 7
Total (for 29) 247
Relationship to Other Policies and Programs

The National Health and Hospital Reform Commission Report June 2009 and National Primary Health Care Strategy identified improved infrastructure as a key element to delivering a stronger primary health care system, and is supported by the Australian Medical Association, Australian General Practice Network and other key stakeholders.

This $15 million investment complements and expands on the establishment of around 23 new GP Super Clinics and the enhancement of around 425 existing facilities to deliver GP Super Clinic style services announced in the 2010-11 Budget.

This new measure will support the $134.4 million 'Rural Health Reform - Supporting Communities with Workforce Shortages' measure announced in the 2009-10 Federal Budget.

Key Stakeholders

Potential applicants for GP Super Clinic funding include, for example, local GPs, allied health professionals, Divisions of General Practice, local councils, non government organisations, corporate medical practices, community groups, and not-for-profit organisations, including charitable organisations.

Handling Strategy

It is anticipated that the new GP Super Clinics, that are identified to be funded through competitive processes, will be advertised on a site by site basis. The Department has established an 'Interested Parties' register, and advice will be forwarded to registrants as each Invitation to Apply process is opened.

Critical Dates and Timeframes

Ministerial advice will be required by 3 September 20 I 0 so that grants can be advertised, proposals assessed and contracts executed within a timeframe that facilitates timely expenditure of 20 I 0-11 funding appropriation.

Key Decisions

Policy advice will be required on which of the new GP Super Clinic locations are to be prioritised for 20 I 0-11 and which will be funded in 2011-12. Advice will also be sought on specific funding arrangements (competitive I direct) for each site. This policy advice will be required within two weeks following the election, so that grants can be advertised, proposals assessed and contracts executed within a timeframe that facilitates timely expenditure of 2010-11 funding appropriations.



Contact Person

Megan Morris, First Assistant Secretary, Primary and Ambulatory Care Division

Work Phone: (02) 6289 3944.