National Framework for Universal Child and Family Health Services

Appendix 1 Abbreviations

Page last updated: 20 May 2013


AAMCFHN - Australian Association of Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses
AAP - American Academy of Pediatrics
ACP - Australian College of Physicians (ACP)
ACPCHN - Australian Confederation of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses
AEDI - Australian Early Development Index
AGPN - Australian General Practice Network
AHMAC - Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council
AIHW - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
ANFPP - Australian Nurse Family Partnership Program
AMA - Australian Medical Association
ANMC - Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council
ARACY - Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
ASQ - Ages and Stages Questionnaire
ASQ:SE - Ages and Stages Questionnaire Social Emotional
Baby HUGS - Baby Happiness, Understanding, Giving and Sharing Program
BMI - Body Mass Index
CAFHNA - Child and Family Health Nurses Association
CCCH - Centre for Community Child Health
CDC - Centre for Disease Control
CFHN - Child and Family Health Nurses
CHPP - Child Health Promotion Program
CHWS - Child Health and Wellbeing Subcommittee
COAG - Council of Australian Governments
DCSF - Department for Children, Schools and Families
dmft/DMFT - Decayed, missing, filled teeth baby teeth/adult teeth
DoHA - Department of Health and Ageing
DEEWR - Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations
ECC - Early Childhood Caries
EPDS - Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
GP - General Practitioner
MCHAT - Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers
MECSH - Miller Early Childhood Sustained Home-visiting
NEWPIN - New Parent Infant Network
NFP - Nurse-Family Partnership program
NGOs - Non-Government Organisations
NBAS - Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale
NCAST - Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training
NHA - National Healthcare Agreement
NHMRC - National Health and Medical Research Council
NHPF - National Health Performance Framework
NIP - National Immunisation Program
NSF - National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services (UK)
PBS - Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule
PEDS - Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status
PSC - Paediatric Symptom Checklist
RACGP - Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
ROR - Reach Out and Read
SDQ - Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
Triple P - Positive Parenting Program
UWS - University of Western Sydney
WCF - Well Child Framework
WHO - World Health Organization