National Framework for Universal Child and Family Health Services

3.4 Objectives

Page last updated: 20 May 2013

The vision is achieved through eight objectives for universal child and family health services:
1. To promote health, wellbeing and development in children and families.
2. To enhance the confidence and capabilities of parents, families and carers in the parenting role, and promote the relationship between the parent/carer and the child.
3. To engage with parents and carers in the early identification of their children’s physical, developmental, social and emotional needs and enable access to timely and appropriate interventions and supports.
4. To support parents and carers in meeting their own and their children’s needs during key transition times especially at birth and the transition to school.
5. To provide early support to families with identified needs.
6. To promote population health through preventing avoidable illness, injury and disease.
7. To enhance community capacity to provide support to parents, carers and families.
8. To work collaboratively with other services to support children, parents, carers and communities.