Green / AmberComments and Suggestions
Chickpeas, kidney
beans and lentils (dried
or canned)
GreenReplace mince with legumes to make meat dishes more economical, add interest and boost the fibre content.

For example: replace some of the mince in a bolognaise sauce with red kidney beans. Use different types of legumes in soups and salads.

Keep added salt to a minimum when preparing legume dishes. Use herbs and spices to add flavour instead.

Baked beansGreenBaked beans can be used to top baked potatoes or as a filling for a toasted sandwich. Choose reduced-salt varieties if available.
Lentil patties
(grilled or baked)
Lentil/vegetable patties and falafels can be used as
an alternative to meat in rolls, sandwiches, wraps and burgers or served with salad.

(grilled or baked)

GreenRemember: Grill or Bake patties and falafels.