Green/AmberComments and suggestions
Plain rice, noodles,
grains (burghul,
cracked wheat, polenta,
GreenWhen making dishes based on rice, grains and noodles in
the canteen, choose ingredients categorised as Green.

Use a variety of grains to add interest to the menu. For
example, try making salads with couscous or cracked wheat.
Rice dishes and
noodle cups
Going from Amber to GreenChoose reduced-salt sauces when cooking and serving these dishes. Add plenty of vegetables for a ‘Greener ’ dish and include a protein source such as lean meat, tuna, chicken, low or reduced-fat cheese or legumes
Sushi, rice paper rolls,
cold rolls
Going from Amber to GreenCheck the Nutrition Information Panel against the
Nutrient Criteria below.
Energy (kJ) per 100gSaturated fat (g) per 100gSodium (mg) per 100g
Savoury pastries, filled breads, pasta dishes, pizzas, oven-baked potato products, dim sims, spring rolls, rice
and noodle dishes
1000kJ or less5g or less400mg or less