Green/AmberComments and suggestions
Reduced-fat, reduced salt meat pies, vegetable pies, sausage rolls,pasties, triangles,quiches and samosas.AmberChoose small serve sizes that are vegetable-based.
Filled breads, pull-aparts, twists, scrollsAmber
Garlic breadGoing from Amber to GreenGarlic bread can often be high in saturated fat, kilojoules and
salt. To make your own ‘Greener ’ version, lightly brush or spray bread with olive oil and crushed garlic. Avoid adding salt (including garlic salt). Use fresh or dried herbs to add flavour instead.

Check the Nutrition Information Panel against the
Nutrient Criteria below.
Energy (kJ)
per 100g
Saturated fat (g)
per 100g
Sodium (mg)
per 100g
Savoury pastries, filled breads, pasta
dishes, pizzas, oven-baked potato
products, dim sims, spring rolls, rice
and noodle dishes
1000kJ or less5g or less400mg or less