Green/AmberComments and suggestions
Ingredients categorised as Green should be the first choice for sandwich fillings.
Peanut* butter/paste
and other nut* spreads
(not chocolate spreads)
AmberChoose reduced-salt, reduced-fat varieties with no added
sugar where available and spread thinly.
Fish, chicken and meat
pastes, yeast spreads
and vegetable extracts
AmberSavoury spreads are often high in salt.
Choose reduced-salt varieties and use sparingly.
Jam and honeyAmberChoose 100% fruit spreads where available and
spread thinly.
Dips, salsas and
GreenDips based on vegetables or yoghurt are the best choices (for example: hommus, beetroot, eggplant, avocado, tzatziki).

Vegetable-based salsas and relishes can be used to add variety and flavour to sandwiches, wraps, rolls and burgers.

Check the Nutrition Information Panel against the table below to make a Healthier Choice for dips.
Saturated fat (g)
per 100g
Sodium (mg)
per 100g
Fibre (g)
per 100g
Sugar (mg)
per 100g
Dips (legume, dairy, vegetable or salsa)2g or less750mg or less-
*Check your school policy regarding the use of nuts and products containing nuts.