Green/AmberComments and suggestions
Fresh, frozen, cannedGreenPlain, frozen or canned vegetables are a convenient
alternative if fresh vegetables are not available. Best
choices are those without added salt or other flavourings.
Include plenty of vegetables in sandwiches and hot
food dishes.
Every addition of vegetables moves the dish further
towards the ‘Green’ end of the traffic light spectrum.
Baked potato
(without added fat)
GreenCook potatoes in their skins and use different combinations
of healthy fillings (for example: tabouleh, lean savoury mince,
salt-reduced baked beans, low or reduced-fat cheese, salad
or cooked vegetables).
Vegetable sticksGreenServe as a small container of mixed bite-sized pieces (for
example: cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks).

May be served with reduced-salt or low or reduced-fat dips.

If serving vegetables with dips, check the Nutrition
Information Panel against the table below to make a
Healthier Choice for dips.

Corn on the cobGreenCorn on the cob can be a warm recess snack in winter.
Serve plain.
Saturated fat (g)
per 100g
Sodium (mg)
per 100g
Fibre (g)
per 100g
Sugar (mg)
per 100g
Dips (legume, dairy, vegetable or salsa)2g or less75mg or less--