Foods and drinks categorised as Green and Amber may be sold through the school canteen. Think of these foods as sitting on a spectrum. The aim is for all foods and drinks sold in the school canteen to be as close to the ‘Green’ end of the spectrum as possible.

1. Making food in the canteen ‘from scratch’ - Make sure most of the ingredients come from the list of foods categorised as Green.

2. Criteria - Compare products that meet the criteria. Choose the one with the least amount of saturated fat, sodium and energy, and the greatest amount of fibre.

3. Promotion - Foods categorised as Green should be the focus of meal deals. Foods that are promoted and are presented in an attractive way, at the correct temperature, are more likely to be purchased and eaten.

4. Serve size - Keep the serve size small, especially those foods categorised as Amber.

5. Sandwiches, rolls, wraps, burgers - Choose wholegrain, wholemeal or multigrain bread. Add salad vegetables to sandwiches (for example: tomato, lettuce, shredded carrot).Each additional vegetable pushes the sandwich closer towards the ‘Green’ end of the spectrum. Choose low or reduced-fat cheese.

6. Cheese - Choose low or reduced-fat cheese in the canteen. Low or reduced-fat cheese may still be high in saturated fat and/or salt. Use sparingly.

7. Pasta - Fresh tomato or vegetable-based sauces are the best choice with plenty of added vegetables. Choose low or reduced-fat cheese.

8. Pizza - Use pita bread as a base and top with lean meat and plenty of vegetables. Choose low or reduced-fat cheese.

9. Muffins - Reduce the amount of sugar used. Replace with pureed apple, mashed banana or berries. Replace half the flour with wholemeal flour.

10. Milk drinks - Choose low or reduced-fat milk when making up milkshakes and smoothies. Add low or reduced-fat yoghurt and/or fruit.

11. Soups - Choose low or reduced-salt stock. Flavour with herbs and spices instead of salt. Add plenty of vegetables and serve with plain wholemeal or wholegrain bread.

12. Flavour - Use herbs and spices instead of salt.

13. Sauces, mayonnaises -Choose products that are low or reduced-fat, low or reduced-salt or ‘no added salt’, and use sparingly.

14. Breakfast cereal -Serve with low or reduced-fat milk.