National Healthy School Canteens

Trainer's Manual

The Assessment Process

Page last updated: 22 October 2013

To effectively assess the competency of the participant in the unit SITHCCC035A Develop menus to meet special dietary needs, the following process is recommended:
1. On receipt of the Project documentation, match and assess the evidence provided against the Elements, Performance Criteria and Required Skills and Knowledge and within the parameters of the Range Statement (see the Unit Descriptor included in this appendix). The Assessor Tool provides details of the Elements and Performance Criteria and a range of evidence that may be provided by participants.

2. Where the assessor believes that additional evidence is required, several additional methods may be used to obtain the evidence, including:

  • asking the participant specific questions
  • requesting confirmation from a third party that the evidence submitted was developed by the participant
  • requesting additional documentation such as actual survey results, emails, meeting agendas and minutes
  • workplace observation of menus, recipes and cooking methods.
3. If, following the assessment process outlined in 1 and 2 above, the assessor believes that additional evidence is still required from the participant, the assessor should provide the participant, in writing, with details of the additional evidence required. These details can be recorded in the Assessment Tool comments column. Please note that it is important for the assessor and participant to agree on a due date for the reassessment.