3.1 Quality Management System

    The mortuary and its staff should participate in available external quality programs and have a quality management system or participate in the quality management system of its parent institution. The quality system must include a requirement for documented audits of mortuary procedures.

    3.2 Documentation

    Documentation within the quality system for the institution providing the autopsy service shall include a procedures manual which should be readily available to all users of the mortuary. All departures from documented policies and procedures within the relevant section must be documented and approved by the appropriate manager.
    All records should be dated and identify the person making the record and should be stored in such a manner as to ensure that they are readily retrievable.
    All amendments to approved documents and records should be initialled and dated and amendments to data stored on computers must also be recorded.

    3.3 Management Review

    A management review should be undertaken annually by a Senior Officer of the administering institution.

    3.4 Complaints

    There shall be documented procedures for dealing with complaints.
    Signed records should be kept of all complaints, the actions taken to deal with them and any follow-up action needed.