Technical Appendix—Data development—Tasmania (Tas)

The HPF was designed to measure the impact of the National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (NSFATSIH) and will be an important tool for developing the new National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan (NATSIHP).

Page last updated: 18 December 2012

The collection of Indigenous status is mandatory in core Tasmanian health data collections such as admitted, non-admitted and perinatal data collections. Notwithstanding this, there is room for improvement and Tasmanian Government agencies are working with Australian Government agencies to improve Indigenous identification in key administrative datasets. Whilst this work is focussing on hospital and deaths administrative data, it will also address improvements to a broad range of data collections. Implementation of the Best Practice Guidelines for the collection of Indigenous status in health data sets forms part of this body of work.

The Department of Health and Human Services has employed an Aboriginal Health Development Officer. This position sits within the Aboriginal Health Unit in Population Health Priorities. One of the requirements of this position is to develop and deliver Cultural Safety training. One component of this training package focuses on improving the collection of Indigenous data throughout the Agency. This training package has been successfully delivered since June 2006. Top of page