First Aid Instruction and Safety Directions (FAISD) Handbook

Recent Changes

Page last updated: May 2016

The FAISD Handbook is under continual review aimed at improving the quality of the information provided and to make the publication easier to use. As changes are made, they will be highlighted in this section of the Handbook to alert users of the publication to the nature and extent of those changes.

Amendments to 31 March 2016

In this Edition, amendments or additions to the Handbook have been made in respect to the following substances:

  • Diazinon
  • Fenamiphos
  • Indaziflam
  • Metaflumizone
  • Monepantel
  • Procymidone
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Amendments should be reflected in the labelling of agricultural and veterinary chemical products as soon as possible. Revised labels will need to be approved by the APVMA.