First Aid Instruction and Safety Directions (FAISD) Handbook

First Aid Instructions

Page last updated: May 2016

General Considerations

With the exception of first aid instruction ‘a’, which should appear on the label of all agricultural and veterinary chemical products (unless replaced by instruction ‘i’), first aid instructions in this Handbook apply only to substances in agricultural and veterinary chemical products registered by the APVMA when present in concentrations at which they would be scheduled as poisons in the SUSMP.

Under State and Territory poisons and pesticides legislation, scheduled substances and their preparations are required to be labelled with directions for first aid attention in case of poisoning. The following code has been prepared as a guide for health and agricultural authorities and manufacturers in drafting suitable first aid directions for this purpose.

The directions listed for a substance may require some modification to account for the combination of that substance with other substances in a formulation, as well as the physical form and presentation of the product. Any such modification should be concise and readily understood.

Poisons Information Centre Telephone Numbers

Companies wishing to use a poisons information centre telephone number other than the national telephone number for Australia in Standard Statement ‘a’ in the First Aid Instructions section in this Handbook, must meet the following criteria:
  1. The poisons information service whose number is used must be attended by adequately trained staff for 24 hour emergency poisons information; and
  2. Calls must be logged and submitted for incorporation into the official collection of poisoning data.

Label Format

First aid instructions are to be grouped together and prefaced with the words "FIRST AID" written in bold-faced capital letters.