First Aid Instruction and Safety Directions (FAISD) Handbook

Standard Statements

Page last updated: May 2016


CodeExplanation of Statement Code
100Very dangerous
101Particularly the concentrate
102Releases dangerous phosphine gas slowly in moist air and immediately if wet
120Product (and) (is)
121Spray (dip) (is) (are)
128Can kill (if)
129Harmful (if)
130Poisonous (if)
131Absorbed by skin contact (or)
132Inhaled (or)
133Swallowed (or)
134Especially the dust
135Absorbed through eyes
136Sucked (or)
139Do not swallow
160May irritate the
161Will irritate the
162Eyes (and)
163Nose and throat (and)
170The product is
180Repeated exposure may cause allergic disorders
190Repeated minor exposure may have a cumulative poisoning effect
191Repeated minor exposure may sensitise the skin to sunlight
200Specially dangerous on hot days
201And in bright sunshine
203Facial skin contact may cause temporary facial numbness
204Interacts with alcohol - avoid alcohol on days (s) of use
207Will damage
240The fumes first cause smarting, then watering of the eyes. This should be taken as a warning
260The liquid can cause burns
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CodeExplanation of Statement Code
140Do not touch or rub eyes, nose or mouth with hand
141When handling [granules] [powder] [other form]
181Sensitive workers should use protective clothing
202Apply UV protective creams or lotions to all exposed areas of skin
210Avoid contact with
211Eyes and skin (and)
213Open wounds
219Avoid inhaling
220Do not inhale
221Dust (or)
222Vapour (or)
223Spray mist
224Sprays only
230Protect eyes while using
250Do not touch bait
251Use scoop or measure
252If on skin and after each baiting, wash thoroughly with soap and water
270Open container in the open air
271Use and store (only) in well ventilated areas
272Ensure adequate ventilation during use
373 Obtain an emergency supply of Atropine tablets 0.6mg
380 Do not open (envelope) (pouch) until ready for use
381 Do not remove insecticidal (strip) (disc) from (collar) (medallion)
382 DO not allow children to play with (collar) (medallion) (other form)
410 Open pouches only as needed
411 Reseal container tightly
412 Keep away from water and liquids
413 Keep away from naked flames - forms toxic gas
414 Use entire contents in one operation; if not possible, seal thoroughly with water proof adhesive tape or air tight closure
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Mixing or Using

CodeExplanation of Statement Code
278In addition
280Opening the container (and)
281Preparing (spray) (dip) (other form) (and)
282Using the prepared (spray) (dip) (other form)
283Using the product (and)
284Using in enclosed areas
285Preparing product for use (and)
286Pouring large quantities (and)
287Mixing (and)
288For space applications
289If applying by hand
289aIf applying by spraying equipment carried on the back of the user
289b(For) (If applying by) boomspray equipment (and)
289c(For) (If applying by) by airblast equipment (and)
289d(For) (If applying by) by aerial spraying equipment (and)
289e(For) (If applying by) by low pressure hand wash (and)
289f(For) (If applying by) by high pressure hand wash (and)
420By (specific equipment)
291Protective waterproof clothing (and)
291aProtective clothing (nominate specific material) fastened to the neck and wrist (and)
291bChemical resistant clothing buttoned to the neck and wrist and washable hat (and)
292Cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and a washable hat (and)
292aCotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist (or equivalent clothing) and a washable hat (and)
292bCotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and a washable hat (or equivalent clothing) (and)
292cCotton overalls, over normal clothing, buttoned to the neck and wrist
292dCotton overalls, over normal clothing, buttoned to the neck and wrist and a washable hat
293PVC or rubber apron (and)
293aPVC apron (and)
293bRubber apron (and)
293cApron (specify material) (and)
294Elbow-length PVC gloves (and)
294aElbow-length butyl rubber gloves (and)
294bElbow-length rubber gloves (and)
294cElbow-length chemical resistant gloves (and)
294dElbow-length PVC / nitrile gloves (and)
295Elbow-length (nominate other specific material) gloves (and)
295aGaunlet-length (nominate specific material) gloves (and)
296Face shield (and)
297Goggles (and)
297aGoggles or safety glasses
298Impervious footwear (and)
298aChemical resistant footwear (and)
298bWater resistant footwear (and)
299Face shield or goggles
300Half facepiece respirator
301Full facepiece respirator [NB: comment, not for label: comment: this category includes air-purifying respirator]
302With dust cartridge or canister
303With combined dust and gas (cartridge) (canister) (or)
304Supplied air respirator [NB: comment, not for label: this category includes air-hose respirator or air-line respirator or self-contained breathing apparatus]
305With canister specified for (chemical name)
305aCarbon tetrachloride
306Disposable (specify dust, mist or fume) face mask covering mouth and nose
307With organic vapour/gas cartridge or canister
308If dispensing by hand
309 Detailed instructions for safe use appear in state regulations
310If dust is present
311Leave immediately after lighting smoke generators
312Rubber gloves
313Using controlled droplet applicator
314If spray painting wear (specify)
315Disposable respirator
316Leave (room) (other area) immediately after activating fogger
317Change cartridge if odour or taste of pesticide is noticed (a maximum of 8 hours of use is recommended)
318Opening chamber and removing treated timber
321Disposable gloves
322Disposable (to be used in conjunction with specified personal protective equipment)
330If clothing becomes contaminated with product
331Or wet with spray
332Remove clothing immediately
340If product (or)
341(Spray) (Dip) (Other form)
342On skin, immediately wash area with soap and water
343In eyes, wash it out immediately with water
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After Use

CodeExplanation of Statement Code
316Leave room/other area immediately after activating fogger
319When uncovering treated (area) (material) wear respirator (and)
320Thoroughly ventilate treated areas before reoccupying
349Avoid re-entry for (time to be inserted by registering authority) after use in glass houses or other confined spaces. If re-entering, wear all protective clothing including respirator
350After use and before eating, drinking or smoking, wash hands, arms and face thoroughly with soap and water
351Wash hands after use
360After each day's use, wash
361Gloves (and)
362Face shield (and)
363Goggles (and)
363aGoggles or safety glasses
364Respirator and if rubber wash with detergent and warm water
365Face shield or goggles (and)
366Contaminated clothing
370Do not re-use footwear until thoroughly aired
383Wash hands after handling the collar
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Anticoagulant statements (to be added to first aid instructions)

CodeExplanation of Statement Code
400Vitamin K (Phytomenadione) is antidotal
401Blood transfusion may be indicated