Austraumaplan: Final November 2011

Section 3: Scope

Page last updated: 30 November 2011

3.1. AUSTRAUMAPLAN describes the domestic national coordination arrangements required within Australia in the event of an MCINC. The National Response Plan for Mass Casualty Incidents Involving Australians Overseas (OSMASSCASPLAN) details the primary response arrangements to overseas incidents involving Australian nationals and other approved persons.

3.2. It is acknowledged that Australia’s trauma system frequently functions at or near capacity with routine trauma cases and a MCI may require activation of AUSTRAUMAPLAN even in the face of relatively small numbers of casualties, particularly in regional and remote areas.

3.3. AUSTRAUMAPLAN is not a plan to deal with routine incidents which fall within the capability of an individual jurisdiction (MCI). However, AUSTRAUMAPLAN may be used to facilitate national options planning in the event of an apparently significant MCI.

3.4. AUSTRAUMAPLAN can be activated in conjunction with other national level plans (see 6.4 Linkages to national level plans).