Austraumaplan: Final November 2011

Section 4: Activation

Page last updated: 30 November 2011

4.1 Activation Authority

4.1.1 The Chair of the AHPC (or nominated delegate) has the authority to activate AUSTRAUMAPLAN.

4.2 Triggers

4.2.1 The key triggers for activation of AUSTRAUMAPLAN may include:
  • the occurrence of a significant domestic MCI;
  • notification by an affected jurisdiction that assistance in managing the health aspects of the MCI may be required;
  • activation of OSMASCASSPLAN; and/or
  • other circumstances as deemed necessary by the AHPC.

4.3 Execution

4.3.1 DoHA, in consultation with AHPC, may issue preliminary AUSTRAUMAPLAN Readiness Phase messages.

4.3.2 Once activated, the AHPC can coopt relevant clinicians or subject matter experts as required.

4.3.3 The DoHA NIR will advise relevant Australian Government and state and territory health services of the appropriate AUSTRAUMAPLAN readiness phase. The NIR will provide agencies with Situation Reports (SitReps) for events that require activation and/or escalation of the plan.