Austraumaplan: Final November 2011

Section 7: Prevention, Preparedness, Recovery and Resilience

Page last updated: 30 November 2011

7.1 Prevention

7.1.1 Under the Australian Constitution, prevention is largely a state and territory responsibility. Prevention of MCINC is not within the scope of AUSTRAUMAPLAN.

7.2 Preparedness

7.2.1 The majority of MCI preparedness activities lie with the respective states and territories. These include:
  • development of interoperable jurisdictional plans;
  • collation of jurisdictional resource registers;
  • regular exercises testing jurisdictional arrangements;
  • delivery of jurisdictional education and training; and
  • development and maintenance of deployable jurisdictional assets.
7.2.2 National elements of preparedness include the structure to facilitate AUSTRAUMAPLAN. These include:
  • national level MCI plans mechanisms and arrangements;
  • national MCI resource registers and stockpiles (including those in jurisdictions);
  • regular exercises testing of national MCI arrangements; and
  • encouraging national consistency and interoperability of key national level MCI capabilities.

7.3 Recovery

7.3.1 Recovery following MCIs is a shared national and jurisdictional responsibility, with the bulk of activities being delivered by jurisdictions. Recovery in terms of AUSTRAUMAPLAN includes:
  • identification of resources deployed or consumed in the response (on replenishment of cache);
  • recovery and repatriation of deployed medical teams and their equipment;
  • repatriation of casualties to home jurisdictions;
  • national and jurisdictional operational debriefing and development of post activation report and recommendations; and
  • delivery of mental health services.
7.3.2 It is possible that an affected jurisdiction, which has managed a MCI without external support for the acute response, may require health support during the recovery phase. This may be accessible through AUSTRAUMAPLAN.

7.4 Resilience

7.4.1 Community resilience is not considered as part of AUSTRAUMAPLAN.