Austraumaplan: Final November 2011

Section 8 Media Management

Page last updated: 30 November 2011

8.1 Public Information

8.1.1 The Australian Government and the governments of the states and territories will coordinate release of public information (provided a National Terrorist Situation has not been declared) on the MCINC. Media releases will aim to reduce the potential for mixed messages and to ensure a common, national message to victims, their families and the general public. The common message will aim to ensure victims and their families receive consistent information about the responsibilities of all agencies involved and the nature of the response.

8.1.2 Public information about health measures will be coordinated through the Australian Government Chief Medical Officer via the NIR.

8.2 Media Coordination

8.2.2 DoHA, in consultation with the AHPC and AGD EMA, will be responsible for coordinating national media statements on the health aspects of the response to a MCINC.

8.2.3 DoHA will nominate a Media Liaison Officer (MLO) supported by the NIR who will work in conjunction with the AHPC and AGD EMA to manage public information releases.

8.2.4 DFAT and FaHCSIA are responsible for coordinating media statements on the Australian Government aspects of a response to an overseas MCI with DFAT responsible for the overseas aspects of the incident, and FaHCSIA for the domestic aspects.

8.2.5 In the event that a National Terrorist Situation is declared, the media management arrangements that apply to National Terrorist Situations override the media management arrangements outlined in this plan (refer to the National Counter-Terrorism Plan and National Counter-Terrorism Handbook).