Austraumaplan: Final November 2011

Abbreviations And Acronymnsauthority

Page last updated: 30 November 2011

ACEM: Australian College for Emergency Medicine
ADF: Australian Defence Force
AEMC*: Australian Emergency Management Committee
AFP: Australian Federal Police
AGD: Attorney-General’s Department
AGD EMA: Attorney-General’s Department Emergency Management Australia
AGDRC: Australian Government Disaster Recovery Committee
AHMAC: Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council
AHPC: Australian Health Protection Committee
AMRN: Australian Medical Retrieval Network
AMTCG: Australian Medical Transport Coordination Group
ANZBA: Australia and New Zealand Burn Association
ANZCA: Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
ARCBS: Australian Red Cross Blood Service
ASIO: Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
ATS: Australasian Trauma Society
AusAID: Australian Agency for International Development
AUSASSISTPLAN: Commonwealth Australian Government Overseas Response Disaster Assistance Plan
AUSMAT: Australian Medical Assistance Team
C4: Command, control, coordination and communication
CAA: Council of Ambulance Authorities
CCC: Australian Government Crisis Coordination Centre
CBRN: Chemical, Biological Radiological and Nuclear
CHO: State or territory Chief Health Officer
CICM: College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australian and New Zealand
CMO: Commonwealth- Chief Medical Officer
COMDISPLAN: Commonwealth Australian Government Disaster Response Plan
CUSTOMS: Australian Customs and Border Protection Command
DACC: Defence Aid to the Civil Community
DAFF: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
DFAT: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
DIAC: Department of Immigration and Citizenship
DoFD: Department of Finance and Deregulation
DoHA: Department of Health and Ageing
EOC/ECC: Emergency Operations/Coordination Centre
FaHCSIA: Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
IDETF: Interdepartmental Emergency Task Force
IMF: Incident Management Facility
NBA: National Blood Authority
NCCTRC: National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre
NCTC : National Counter-Terrorism Committee
NEMC: National Emergency Management Committee
NGO: Non Government Organisation
NIR: National Incident Room
OHP: Office of Health Protection
OSMASSCASPLAN: National Response Plan for Mass Casualty Incidents Involving Australians Overseas
PM&C: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
RACS: Royal Australian College of Surgeons
SEOC: State Emergency Operations Centre
SHECO: State Health Emergency Operations Centre
SITREP: Situation Report
USAR: Urban Search and Rescue
WHO: World Health Organization

*AEMC is no longer in operation. Please see NEMC.