Austraumaplan: Final November 2011

Appendix 2 - Australian Health Protection Committee Plans

Page last updated: 30 November 2011

National Health Emergency Response Arrangements

National Health Emergency Response Arrangements

Domestic Response Plan for Mass Casualty Incidents of National Consequence
Severe Burn Injury Annex
Paediatric Annex
Terrorism Annex

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Counter-Terrorism Plan
Smallpox* Guidelines
Anthrax* Guidelines
Radiological Guidelines

Emerging Issues of National Significance
Emergency Response Plan for Communicable Diseases and Environmental Health Threats of National Significance
Pandemic Influenza*

*Examples of current plans with new plans to be developed, e.g., Henipah viruses

Australian Health Protection Committee
National Health Emergency Management Subcommittee
Australian Medical Assistance Teams
Disaster Mental Health Working Group
Public Health Laboratory Network
Australian Bioterrorism Laboratory Network
Communicable Disease Network Australia
Environmental Health Committee
National Medical Stockpile
National Incident Room
National Critical Care Trauma Response Centre
Australian Emergency Hospital Response