Today, most Indigenous people live in the one house for a long time. It is important that the house be kept clean so that it is a healthy place. If the house and everything in it are not cleaned often, moisture and dirt gather and it becomes an ideal place for germs, parasites and vectors (disease-carrying animals) to breed and multiply. These germs can cause the people living in the house to get sick.

Domestic hygiene activities include all the jobs which are done to keep the house and people's clothes and bedding clean. These jobs include sweeping and washing floors, cleaning the toilet, washing clothes and bedding, and washing dishes and cooking utensils after meals. There are many more.
Fig.  3.1: Sweeping the floor.
Fig. 3.1: Sweeping the floor.

As well as making sure that the house is a clean and healthy place, it is important for good health to keep our bodies clean. If our bodies become dirty and sweaty and stay that way for a while, the skin and hair become ideal places for disease-causing germs to grow and multiply. The teeth and gums also need to be kept clean to stop them from becoming diseased.

Personal hygiene activities are all the things done to keep the body clean. Some of these activities are showering, washing hair, cleaning teeth and changing into clean clothes when necessary.
Fig.  3.2: Cleaning teeth
Fig. 3.2: Cleaning teeth.