A community rubbish collection and disposal system is very important to maintaining a good standard of environmental health. Getting the system started and working properly, will be one of the most important tasks for the community council and EHP.

It is an important part of an EHP's job to help organise the community's rubbish collection system.

The EHP does this by:

  • educating community members about the great importance of proper community rubbish disposal. All community members, including children, should be taught about:
    • the risks to health of an inadequate rubbish disposal system
    • everything that goes to make up a proper rubbish disposal system
  • encouraging community members to ask their Council to establish and maintain a proper rubbish disposal system

    If the community does not have a proper rubbish disposal system, the EHP will need to talk to people about putting pressure on the Council to establish and run one properly
  • discussing with the Community Council about how to set up and maintain a system

    The EHP may get help from the local EHO to explain the importance of rubbish collection/disposal to the Council and what needs to be done. This includes getting advice as to the best system and disposal site for the community.
  • talking to the local authorities or other government agencies about provision of equipment, materials and vehicles to operate a rubbish collection/disposal system

    Some local authorities might be able to help the Council with the actual collection and disposal of rubbish. For example, if the community is close to a town the local authority may be able to provide a regular collection service if the Community Council will support it. If not, it may be able to help in other ways, for example, by making earthmoving equipment available at times to dig rubbish disposal trenches.

    The local EHO would be able to advise on these matters.

    Other government agencies can assist the community in technical and onsite support.

    encouraging the community to use the rubbish disposal system properly

    When the rubbish disposal system is operating it will be necessary to tell people how to use it properly and to keep reminding them what to do.

    People can be reminded by posters and stickers with rubbish disposal messages on them. These can be displayed around the community, particularly near community bins
  • checking that the rubbish collection system is operating and that people are using it properly

    It is important that EHPs do frequent and regular checks to see that:
    • people are putting their rubbish in their house bins and making sure that their bins are put out to be emptied at rubbish collection time
    • the rubbish is being collected from houses and other places in the community at least once each week and taken to the tip
    • the rubbish is being properly disposed of at the tip
    • the rubbish vehicle is being properly cleaned and maintained and is always available for the regular collection runs
If the Environmental Health Practitioner has any difficulties with the setting up and operating a rubbish collection/disposal system, he/she should contact the Environmental Health supervisor or the local EHO. The EHP can also assist in community education.