The Indigenous Environmental Health Program is a community development program. That is, it is designed to help Indigenous people take charge of their community's environmental health management. It is about encouraging people in communities:

  • to decide for themselves what needs to be done
  • to take action to see that it is done
It is the job of EHPs to encourage their fellow community members to make these decisions and to take the necessary action.

It will not be easy work because often people will not understand why environmental health is so important. The EHP will need to have a lot of patience and understanding. There will be times of frustration and disappointment. This is always a part of community development work because people, regardless of who they are and where they come from, are not quick to change their old ways. Eventually when people see that they stand to benefit greatly when their homes and communities are clean healthy places in which to live, they will start to change. For the EHP this can be very rewarding.