Office work includes tasks such as:

  • completing and/or correcting work plans
  • filing
  • preparing reports
  • routine telephone calls
  • ordering supplies and equipment
  • preparing correspondence (letters)
  • filling out rosters and diaries
  • taking inventories of tools and equipment
Fig.  7.6: EHP’s office.
Fig. 7.6: EHP’s office.

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The filing cabinet should be divided into labelled sections for the purposes of filing the EHP's records and copies of correspondence. It is much easier and quicker to find records if each section in the filing system and each file within each section is placed in correct alphabetical or numerical order in the filing cabinet.

There should be one section for checklists. This section can be divided into smaller sections - one for each house or group of houses, such as ‘Houses 1 to 5’, and community buildings and facilities, such as ‘Community toilet blocks’.

There should also be other sections in the filing cabinet for papers which relate to tools, equipment and materials, correspondence, orders, rosters, and plans.

Filing should be done at least once a week, and the office should be kept clean and neat.