The EHP is responsible for making sure that all tools and equipment are well organised and maintained in good working condition. They should be stored in a separate secure place so that they are safe and easy to find. This is usually best done in a place which is separate from the office.

Lost tools are expensive to replace and much time can be wasted if they are not available and ready to use when needed.

It is usual for those who have responsibility for looking after tools, equipment and materials to keep an inventory (list) of these things.

The EHP should check off the inventory regularly and if any items have been loaned out and not returned, he/she must get them back. Breakages and losses and materials which have been used up should be reported to the community council administration and requests made to replace them.

It is a good idea to have a tool box equipped with the necessary plumbing tools and materials (washers, thread tape, O-rings) ready to be picked up and taken to a job.
Fig.  7.7: Tool and equipment shed.
Fig. 7.7: Tool and equipment shed.