Guidance on use of rainwater tanks

12. Fluoride

Page last updated: March 2011

Many mains water supplies are fluoridated to help protect against dental caries (decay). This practice is supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Australian Dental Association, Australian Medical Association and the Public Health Association of Australia.

Rainwater collected in domestic tanks will not contain fluoride, nor is it recommended that tank water be fluoridated as it can be difficult to maintain the correct dosage. People relying on tank water for drinking and food preparation should seek advice concerning fluoride requirements from their local dental professional, school dental service, community dental service or from the Australian Dental Association.
People using rainwater for drinking and food preparation will gain some dental benefits when they consume food and beverage products processed in nearby fluoridated centres or work and study in fluoridated areas. Another source of fluoridated water for people who rely on rainwater tanks for drinking and food preparation is packaged (bottled) water with added fluoride.