Guidance on use of rainwater tanks


Page last updated: March 2011

A large number of people, including representatives from many of the agencies represented on the Environmental Health Committee (enHealth) of the Australian Health Protection Committee, provided comments during the revision of this guidance document. The final form of the document was shaped by these invaluable contributions.

enHealth would especially like to thank the project steering committee consisting of Stuart Heggie (Chair), Xavier Schobben, David Cunliffe, Andrew Langley and Steve Galloway (Project Officer) for contributing their time and expertise to update this valuable resource.

Sources of information

Rainwater tanks – Information used in preparing this guidance document was obtained from a range of published and unpublished reports, as well as from the accumulated experience of health agencies in dealing with rainwater tanks. Copies of unpublished material were very kindly provided by a range of state and territory government agencies, as acknowledged in the bibliography.

Household water use data – Total household usage of water in each state was taken from the Water Account for Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007). The proportions of water used for different purposes were taken from a number of sources including the Water Services Association of Australia Water Consumption fact sheet (2001), Planning for Perth’s water needs (Water Corporation, Western Australia 2002) and Planning for the future of our water resources: discussion starter (Water Resources Strategy Committee for the Melbourne Area 2001).