Comments sought

As noted throughout this Discussion Paper, your comments are welcome in relation to the questions raised or any other matters you consider should be taken into account in the consideration of options.

Submissions must be received by the Department of Health and Ageing by 5pm, Friday, 27 July 2012.

While submissions may be lodged electronically or by post, electronic lodgement by email is preferred. For accessibility reasons, please email responses in a Word or RTF format.

Email: NICNAS review (

Department of Health and Ageing (MDP 71)
GPO Box 9848

Submissions will be made public and shared with relevant Commonwealth agencies and any consultants engaged to assist with the review.

Submissions, or parts thereof, that are intended to remain confidential should be clearly marked as such and justifications provided. Submitters should be aware that confidential submissions may still be subject to access under freedom of information law.

Next steps

During this consultation period, DoHA and DoFD will arrange workshops for face-to-face discussions with interested stakeholders. These workshops will provide stakeholders with an opportunity to share their views and ask questions about the options being suggested. Details of these workshops will be posted on the DoHA website.

The comments received from this consultation process will be used to inform the Government of stakeholder views. These views will assist in further development of the options and will also inform the Regulation Impact Statement which will assess the costs and benefits of the options.

There will be further opportunities for stakeholder views to be taken into account, including for any proposed draft legislation.