Australian Clinical Guidelines for Radiological Emergencies - September 2012

How to use these guidelines

Page last updated: 07 December 2012

The Guidelines are intended as a resource for paramedics, hospital clinicians and public health officials to enable better understanding of radiation hazards and effects, and optimal management of radiation casualties and concerned communities.

The Guidelines are arranged in three sections:

  • Introduction to ionising radiation, its health effects, the system of radiation protection, and possible radiological scenarios that could result in casualties;
  • Arrangements for ambulance, hospitals, public health advice, laboratories and obtaining specialist advice; and
  • Clinical management of radiation dose assessment, contamination, injury and prenatal exposure.

Each section is written with the needs of health professionals in mind, and structured to provide detailed standard operating procedures, therapeutic information, management advice, and planning guidance as necessary. Where appropriate, very technical detail is contained within an appendix immediately following the relevant chapter.

References have been included in some sections to provide clinicians with the source material and further reading opportunities.

It is hoped that this document serves as a useful reference.