Managing common physical symptoms
Complementary and alternative therapies

It is important for your comfort that any physical symptoms are managed well.

The best way to help manage your symptoms is to make notes about them, as well as how any treatments are working. When you next see your doctor or nurse, you can give them your notes. This will help them to treat the symptoms as well as possible.

Practical tip

It will help health care professionals to manage symptoms if you make detailed notes on:
  1. what the symptom was and how it felt (Example: Dull ache in the back)
  2. when the symptom occurred (Example: Woken by this in the night)
  3. what was done to ease (Example: My carer rubbed my knee and gave me a hot pack)
  4. the effect of what was done (Example: The pain went away in about 10 minutes)
  5. how long it took to work (Example: The pain went away in about 10 minutes)
Family and friends can help you to keep these records.

Advice for carers

Help the older person for whom you provide care to keep notes of any symptoms and how well any treatments worked. Make sure that the health care professional (the doctor or nurse) sees these records so they can work out the best ways to keep the older person comfortable. If necessary, keep notes yourself and discuss them with the doctor or nurse.