APP undertaking – August 2005

Schedule 2: Items an authority may provide requesting practitioners

Page last updated: 04 June 2008

In general, these are items, which can only be used for the collection of specimens for pathology testing or, if other uses are possible, when supplied by pathologists to referrers, will only be used for collection purposes. These are mostly single use items employed in the collection of pathology samples.

Blood collection

Needle barrel holders
Vacutainer (or equivalent tubes for collection)
Syringes 5mls or larger
Needles 21, 23 gauge
Alcowipes (or similar individual alcohol wipes)
Spreaders for blood files
Small test tube rack

Cervical cytology collection materials

Spray fixative
Cervix spatulas
Cyto brush
Direct to vial kits
Slides and slide carriers/holders


Formalin or other fixative
Appropriate containers and media for specimens
Punch biopsy

Microbiological specimens

All microbiological or virology swabs and transport media
Urine containers
Faeces containers
Paediatric urine collection kits
Chlamydia specific collection and transport receptacles
TB specific collection receptacles
Blood culture bottles
Petri dishes
Specimen biohazard bags/rubber bands

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Non cervical cytology

Appropriate containers and media for urine, sputum and other body fluid cytology and cytology samples collected directly from tissues by the procedure of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNA)


Timed urine (eg 24 hour) collection containers
Faecal fat collection containers
Glucose drink for GTT
Centrifuges, but to remain the property of APA, and only if practice demographics (in terms of time) from laboratory are such that failure to separate sera/plasma will damage specimen

Stationery/instruction sheets

Paper or electronic request pads/forms/software
Medicare assignment forms DB3, including software facilitating electronic assignment
Repatriation assignment forms, including software facilitating electronic assignment
Telephone result pads
Stock request pads
Miscellaneous forms eg tube guides, practice information handbooks
All patient instruction sheets/education material


Fridge, where refrigeration is vital for the preservation of specimens (eg laboratory being a long distance from collection point)―fridge should be labelled with pathology company name and used exclusively for pathology purposes;
Insulated containers such as eskies for specimen transport, wet ice/dry ice―must be labelled as property of laboratory;
Other specimen transport containers―must be labelled as property of laboratory;
Specimen pick up receptacles (eg night boxes)―must be labelled as property of laboratory;
Pathology download software specifically to retrieve pathology results for the laboratory. Pathology download software which is part of a larger suite should not be provided where:
  • additional functionality cannot be separated from the software,
  • a written licence agreement at normal commercial rates must exist between the APA and referring practitioner, or
  • agreement must be established in writing prohibiting use of non-pathology software reporting components.

These are the only items/services an APP/APA may supply free of charge, discounted or on a non-commercial basis, to a practitioner that requests or, intends to request, pathology services. This list may be updated from time to time in consultation with the Royal College of Pathologists Australasia.

There is no obligation for a pathologist to supply any of the accepted items to a requesting practitioner.