The Department would be interested to receive feedback on:
  • the existence of any qualification/s that a prospective APP could potentially obtain that would cover the relevant pathology competencies for category M and/or category S laboratories;
  • whether there are any other identifiable objective criteria that could reasonably be used to assess whether a prospective APP has appropriate experience and/or qualifications; and
  • the workability of the criteria and procedures as proposed above where there are currently no appropriate agreed, identifiable formal qualifications.

Stakeholders are also invited to provide submissions on any other issues raised in this paper, including:
  • any areas where they agree or disagree with the Department’s reasoning; and
  • comments on the potential cost to business of these changes where relevant.

Early responses are encouraged but submissions should be received by cob 20 June 2008. Submissions should be provided to:

Ms Debbie Stanford
Pathology Section
Diagnostics and Technology Branch
MDP 107
Department of Health and Ageing
GPO Box 9848