Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System Operator: Annual Report 2012-2013

2.2 Year in review – a summary

Page last updated: 10 April 2014

Five system releases were undertaken in 2012-13 which provided additional functionality to the eHealth record system as well as enhancements of existing functionality and measures to enhance clinical safety.

There were no reported occurrences compromising the integrity or security of the eHealth record system.

In 2012-13 the eHealth record System Operator:

  • registered 397,742 people
  • registered 4,310 healthcare provider organisations
  • registered two repository operators.
A total of 29,552,833 records were uploaded to the eHealth record system.

People accessed their eHealth records via the consumer portal 275,780 times. Healthcare providers, via their clinical information systems, viewed records in the eHealth record system 5,583 times and uploaded records to the eHealth record system 7,894 times. Healthcare providers used the provider portal to access the eHealth record system 838 times.