Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System Operator: Annual Report 2012-2013

Registration of repository operators

Page last updated: 10 April 2014

The eHealth record system can draw upon information held in repositories around Australia, operated by a mix of private and public sector organisations.

A repository operator is eligible to be registered if it complies with the PCEHR Rules, agrees to conditions imposed by the System Operator, is subject to appropriate privacy law, and its central management will be located in Australia at all times. The operator must also enter into a participation agreement with the System Operator to be and remain registered. Among other things, the agreement sets out obligations in relation to the location of the operator’s management and the transfer and disposal of records.

Registered repository operators must conform to appropriate eHealth record system standards and specifications and are required to ensure interoperability, privacy, integrity and long-term availability of the health information they hold.

In 2012-13 the System Operator registered two repository operators. No registrations were cancelled or suspended.

The System Operator operates the National Repositories Service which ensures there is capacity to store a minimum critical set of health information about registered people.