Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System Operator: Annual Report 2012-2013

Registration of contracted service providers

Page last updated: 10 April 2014

Some healthcare provider organisations contract a service provider to deliver health information or IT services and interact with national services such as the Healthcare Identifiers Service and the eHealth record system on behalf of the healthcare provider organisation. These service providers are known as contracted service providers. If these organisations provide services that relate to the eHealth record system – for example, they facilitate access to the eHealth record system – they must register to participate and be subject to stringent requirements.

A contracted service provider is eligible to be registered if it complies with the PCEHR Rules, agrees to conditions imposed by the System Operator and is recognised as a contracted service provider by the Healthcare Identifiers Service. The provider must also enter into a participation agreement with the System Operator to be and remain registered. Among other things, the agreement sets out obligations in relation to use of the eHealth record system on behalf of a healthcare provider organisation and notifying system-related errors.

New eHealth record system functionality began on 29 June 2013 to support participation by contracted service providers.

In 2012-13 the System Operator did not register any contracted service providers.