The first release of the system, implemented on 1 July 2012, delivered the core functionality required to establish a system that could grow over time. It provided the necessary national infrastructure, and standards and specifications for secure access to a person’s health information drawn from multiple sources.

In 2012-13 five eHealth record system releases were undertaken which provided additional functionality:

  • July 2012 – Release 1b introduced the ability for people to register, the national portal and support for shared health summaries and event summaries
  • August 2012 – Release 1c introduced the national provider portal and Medicare information
  • November 2012 – Release 2 introduced specialist letters and eReferral functionality together with support for facilitated child registration
  • December 2012 – Release 2.1 provided useability improvements in the process for people to register
  • May 2013 – Release 3 delivered a range of additional functions including the Child eHealth Record, accessible via the consumer and administration portals and a mobile application for appropriate smartphones, the National Prescription and Dispense Repository, support for contracted service providers, and a Mobile gateway to allow access to the eHealth record system from mobile applications.
Planning and designing for releases in 2013-14 is underway.