The eHealth record system’s availability target is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with 99.5% systems availability outside of scheduled downtime. Access by people to registration and view system functions provided by DoHA and NIO achieved 99.2% availability (excluding planned outages).

DoHA has worked with its partner organisations to improve the eHealth record system availability through:

  • improved monitoring tools for early detection of possible issues
  • having Accenture staff on-site seven days a week
  • reviewing the infrastructure design and failover.
The business agreement between DoHA and DHS includes service levels for services provided to people and healthcare providers by DHS.

Table 9: Measurement against key performance indicators

This table identifies key performance indicators for the eHealth record system and measures activities undertaken in 2012-13 against those indicators.

Key Performance Indicator

65% of consumer calls to the PCEHR Helpline are answered within 150 seconds

 In 2012-13 DHS answered 41,083 calls from consumers, with 65% of calls answered within 150 seconds.

90% of healthcare provider calls to the PCEHR Helpline are answered within 30 seconds

 In 2012-13 DHS answered 7,885 calls from providers, with 62% of calls answered within 30 seconds†.
† The reasons this Key Performance Indicator has not been met is due to incomplete and incorrect application forms requiring follow up action involving multiple outbound telephone calls. Call volumes were also higher than forecasted demand following the introduction of the Practice Incentive Program eHealth initiative.

Availability of the Software Vendor Test environment is 99%: during Business Hours (8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday, New South Wales local time, excluding New South Wales public holidays)

 Since 1 July 2012 the Software Vendor Test environment was available 99.09%.