In 2012-13 OAIC and ACSQHC undertook audits of the eHealth record system.

The following audits were concluded or initiated in 2012-13:

  • the first clinical safety review by ACSQHC concluded in February 2013 and made 16 recommendations
  • the second clinical safety review by ACSQHC concluded in June 2013 and made 12 recommendations. Some of these recommendations draw on recommendations from the first review that were open when the second review commenced
  • the OAIC commenced its first audit of eHealth registrations in June 2013. This audit is likely to be completed by September 2013.
The eHealth record system is also assessed regularly by independent assessors engaged by the System Operator to monitor security risks, measure the effectiveness of security controls and document recommendations to improve system security.

In addition, the System Operator has developed a quality assurance program to periodically examine registrations for the eHealth record system.