Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research deals with relatively small numbers of consumers and explores their in-depth motivations, attitudes, feelings and behaviour. The exchange of views and experiences among participants is relatively free flowing and open, and as a result often provides very rich data that can be broadly representative of the population at large.

The findings are not based on statistics. They are interpretive in nature, and are based on the experience and expertise of the researchers as they analyse the discussions.

Drug Names

Throughout this report, the term methamphetamines is used when referring to the whole group of drugs (speed, base and ice). Where findings relate specifically to one form of methamphetamine, the name of the drug is clearly stated.

Indigenous Research

The research among Indigenous Australians was undertaken by the Cultural and Indigenous Research Centre of Australia (CIRCA). Due to their specialty in the area, Blue Moon regularly partners with CIRCA for work among Indigenous target audiences.

Many of the research findings among Indigenous audiences were consistent with other target audiences. However, due to differences in recruitment processes, and in the primary qualitative methodology and research instruments used compared to the main sample, a more detailed section based on a report from CIRCA has been included as a discrete section in this document. This section on Indigenous issues will allow ease of use by Indigenous specific policy areas of the department. Specific differences that existed among Indigenous audiences that compliment or were very different from the other target audiences have been incorporated in the main body of this document.

Supplementary Report

A supplementary report that enables the findings to be accessed by each target audience independent of the other has been prepared. This supplementary report provide a summary of each target group in a discrete section. As many of the findings are the same across target groups, this report is not designed to be read in its entirety.