The disinhibitory nature of methamphetamines makes them an appealing tool to aid sexual activities. Many used them to enhance senses, increase energy and stamina, increase confidence, and reduce anxiety, making sex more fulfilling. As the quotes below indicate, ice is regarded as being particularly effective for this:

"Ice is sex. Speed is more chatty, more partying, and happy to go shopping."

"A couple of times with someone it's like let's have a dirty weekend and that was just the ice but other than that it was always with other drugs."

"My ex he actually only has sex when he's on crystal meth, because it is so much better and you can go forever and so forth."

Methamphetamine use to enhance sexual activities is really only found among the social user groups. Although it is particularly prevalent among gay men, it was also apparent among heterosexuals in other target audiences.

"It's not just gay men it's women, it's straight couples, it's everybody who just have this attitude that yeah we've been on the juice all night, pub's shut let's go back to somebody's place and just get it on."
Gay men commented on places and situations where drugs, particularly methamphetamines, and sex were considered to go hand in hand. These included sex on site venues, local parks, and after-club house parties. Unsafe sexual and drug practices were claimed to be rampant in these places.

A number of women in heterosexual relationships commented that they found methamphetamines not only useful for sexual enhancement, but also for relationships in general.

"My boyfriend and I would just hire a caravan, drive up the coast, park it somewhere quiet and have a drug sex weekend ... coke, speed, e's, all good."

"It's not only about sex, we're just nicer to each other, more open when we use meth (base). We talk about things we'd never say to each other ... it can bring you closer."

"My husband and I just talk and talk ... about things we wouldn't normally. It's good for our relationship."