Use reminders

  • Placing notes around your home (eg on the front door or on the fridge) can help to remind you to do some activity.
  • Place your walking shoes near the door or in the car.

Get into a routine

  • Plan your activity – both the time and the place.
  • Make a reqular time for physical activity in your diary or on your calendar.

Be social

  • Involve a friend, colleague, neighbour or relative in your activity routine - this will help keep you both motivated and committed.

Use a diary

  • Write down your activity times and how you feel after doing something. That way you can refer back to it when you feel less motivated.
  • Make an activity planner (like the one on page 14) and put it on the fridge. You could even use stickers or gold stars to mark off each time you are active.
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Choose a role model

  • Maybe someone close to you is regularly active and fit. Talk to them and use them as a role model to keep yourself going.

Vary your activity

  • You might like to change the time or the place you normally do your activity to help keep it interesting.
  • You can even change the type of activity you do. Look at the list again on "Some ideas to keep you moving" page to give you some other ideas.
"Activity can be much easier in water. I’ve started aqua aerobics – it’s great fun and I have made new friends."