Choose Health: Be Active: A physical activity guide for older Australians

Is this booklet for me?

Page last updated: March 2009

This booklet is designed to help older Australians achieve sufficient physical activity for good health as they age. It is mainly for people who are not currently building 30 minutes of physical activity into their daily lives, and are looking for ways they can do so. (Recent surveys show about half of all older Australians are not doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day)

This booklet shows how easy it can be to stay fit and healthy as you get older. Strategies may need to be different depending on your individual lifestyle, but physical activity is achievable and even a slight increase in activity can make a difference to your health and well-being.

Having health problems doesn’t mean you can’t be physically active. Any increase in activity can be beneficial for physical and mental health. To assist, this booklet includes specific information on exercising with chronic illness and has some advice about healthy eating.

Read on to learn more about how to Choose Health through physical activity. Go for it, you will be surprised how small changes lead to better health and well-being!

"Activity may not add years to your life (it might) but it will certainly add life to your years."