National physical activity recommendations for older Australians: Discussion Document

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The National Ageing Research Institute was commissioned by The Department of Health and Ageing to review the evidence and develop physical activity recommendations for older people.

Page last updated: 01 February 2011

Figure 1.1 Project activity flowchart
Figure 4.1 Potential outcomes of exercise that may be related to quality of life dimensions
Figure 4.2 Age-specific prevalence of coronary heart disease, Australia, 2001
Figure 4.3 Age-specific prevalence rates of Type 2 diabetes among Australians aged 25+, 1999-2000
Figure 4.4 Age-specific incidence of colorectal cancer, Australia, 2000
Figure 5.1 A heuristic multilevel model of influences on physical activity
Figure 9.1 Recommendations for physical activity in the management of osteoarthritis of the hip or knee
Figure 9.2 Recommendations for conducting culturally appropriate physical activity programs
Table 3.1 The prevalence of sedentary behaviour in older Australians 1995 to 2005
Table 3.2 Physical activity patterns in three Western countries
Table 4.1 Relative risk for overall mortality in older people
Table 6.1 Common outcome measures and measurement tools used
Table 7.1 Physical activity guidelines and recommendations reviewed
Table 7.2 Review of existing physical activity guidelines and recommendations for older people
Table 8.1 Influence of walking pace on coronary disease risk
Table 8.2 Illustrative Components of Fitness and Physical Activity Programs
Table 10.1 Registered fitness professionals in Australia
Table A5.1 Randomised controlled trials: residential care setting
Table A5.2 Randomised controlled trials: Community setting
Table A5.3 Review articles for the promotion of physical activity to prevent or treat depression
Table A5.4 Review articles for the promotion of physical activity in older people
Table A5.5 Review articles for types of physical activity used to promote health in older people
Table A5.6 Review articles of benefits of physical activity for adults
Table A6.1 Recommendations for physical activity for older people derived from previous physical activity guidelines

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