Fourth national mental health plan: measurement strategy

Priority area 5: accountability - measuring and reporting progress

Page last updated: May 2011

NMHP PI 25 – Proportion of services publicly reporting performance data

Status - No current data source, work is in progress
  • Rationale - Community interest and scrutiny of public health services, including mental health services, is the highest it has ever been. Government policy has reflected this, with major initiatives to increase the information available to the public underway. Increasing accountability and transparency is a key component of the Fourth Plan, at both the policy level and service delivery level.
  • Future developments - There are no data sources to populate this indicator. An extensive review of published and 'grey' literature has been commissioned to examine public reporting of health service-level data. The chosen approach will inform development of this indicator.The proposed National Performance Authority announced as part of the COAG National Health and Hospitals reform may supersede the utility of this indicator by publicly reporting health service performance information.
Target - Indicator not sufficiently described to establish if a target is appropriate
  • Development - Following determination of indicator specifications, further work will be required to identify a meaningful target for this indicator, based on Australian and internationally comparable data.