Fourth national mental health plan: measurement strategy

NMHP PI 21 Proportion of total mental health workforce accounted for by consumer and carer workers

Page last updated: May 2011

  • Strategic issue - Quality Improvement and Innovation.
  • Rationale - Consumer and carer involvement in the planning and delivery of mental health services is considered essential to adequately represent the views of consumers and carers, advocate on their behalf and promote the development of consumer responsive services.
  • Endorsement status - Endorsed by AHMAC Mental Health Standing Committee, February 2011.
  • Date last updated - January 2011.
Indicator details
National Mental Health Performance Framework
Data collection details

Indicator details

  • Description - Proportion of the state and territory mental health workforce who are consumer and carer workers.
  • Numerator - Number of full time equivalent consumer and carer worker positions within Australian state and territory public mental health services.
  • Denominator - Number of full time equivalent clinical positions and customer and carer worker positions within Australian state and territory mental health services.
  • Computation - (Numerator Denominator) x 100.
  • Calculation conditions
    • Coverage/Scope - Australian state and territory-provided public mental health services.
  • Definitions
    • Clinical positions are described in the National Minimum Dataset—Mental Health Establishments and include the labour force categories of Consultant psychiatrists and psychiatrists, Psychiatry registrars and trainees, Other medical officers, Registered nurses, Enrolled nurses, Occupational therapists, Social workers, Psychologists, Other diagnostic and health professionals and Other personal care staff.
  • Presentation - Percentage.
  • Disaggregation - State/Territory by consumer and carer workers.
  • Notes - Current data collections do not cover mental health services managed by government-funded NGOs.
  • Is specification interim or long-term? - Long-term.
  • Reported in
    • Mental Health Services in Australia.
    • National Mental Health Report.
    • Report on Government Services. Top of page

National Mental Health Performance Framework

  • Tier - Tier III - Health System Performance.
  • Primary domain - Capable.
  • Type of measure - Input.
  • Level at which indicator can be useful for benchmarking
    • Regional group of services.
    • Mental Health Service Organisation.
    • State/Territory.

Data collection details

  • Data source(s)
    • Numerator - National Minimum Dataset – Mental Health Establishments.
    • Denominator - National Minimum Dataset – Mental Health Establishments.
  • Data source(s) type
    • Numerator - Administrative.
    • Denominator - Administrative.
  • Frequency of data source(s) collection
    • Numerator - Annually.
    • Denominator - Annually.
  • Data development
    • Short-term - Definitional development for Consumer consultant and Carer consultant is currently underway to ensure definitions reflect the various arrangements that may exist between organisations and consumer/carer consultants.
    • Long-term - The development of a Mental Health Non-Government Organisation National Minimum Dataset (MH NGO NMDS) is currently in the scoping phase. This indicator has been noted as being desirable in any new Mental Health NGO collection.